Our Service

Our focus, our unique proposition, is assisting organizations in their digital investment maturity and success.

We look forward to growing our services and our team to meet demand. 

Strategy Development

A digital strategy is a key input to digital governance as it aligns digital investment with organizational objectives. A digital strategy also provides a mechanism for organizations to address key technology and business risks.

Strategance Group can assist either with the development of your digital strategy or the review of your existing strategy. We have a tried and proven approach to strategy development which will not only deliver a guiding document for digital investment, but also achieve meaningful stakeholder engagement.

Governance Maturity Assesment

Strategance Group has developed a comprehensive digital governance framework and suite of assessment instruments that allows us to measure your organization's digital governance maturity.

We can provide advice on which digital governance controls need to be strengthened to ensure digital investment risk is properly managed and to ensure that your organization is positioned to maximize its return on technology-based investments.

Investment Planning

Once you have established your digital strategy, operationalizing that strategy is often challenging.

Strategance Group can assist your organization to establish a digital investment plan together with prioritisation and assessment tools that will ensure effective digital investment decision-making.

Program Assurance

How do you know that your project will be successful? Is the business case robust? Is the project plan comprehensive? Are the governance controls established for the project or program appropriate?

Our team can undertake project assurance assessments to identify any weaknesses in your project governance as well as identify specific risks at key stages of your project.

Assessment of Failure

If your digital investment fails, your organization needs to understand why. Our team can undertake a detailed assessment of the circumstances that lead to the failure of the project or program. Similar to our Governance Assessment services above, we have the tools to assist in determining the root cause of failure and the lessons to be learnt.